Reliability, mobility, numerous analysis, customisation according to specific business needs, business process management, no initial investment or fixed-term obligations, easy installation and update


Accuracy, security, multi-currency, automatic accounts' reconciliation, fully automated management of payroll and equity, automated reporting, banking operations import/export, budgeting, revenue/cost centres

Optimum benefits
for manager


Optimum provides possibility to do daily job wherever you wish. You can work in the office, on a business trip, at home - anywhere an Internet connection exist. For extra convenience, use Optimum mobile app.


Optimum running in Tier 3-level cloud computing infrastructure - no need to worry about your data security and reliable operation of the system. You do not need to invest in private servers hardware and software as well as take care of administration routine.

Business processes management

Record workflows for main company’s business processes and system will help your employees to execute tasks more quickly and right in time. Process analysis helps to improve the company's efficiency and daily operations processed in accordance to standardised procedures enhances organisational behaviour and overall quality of customer service.

Automated purchase orders

Automated handling of the purchase orders, saves time, reduces amount of errors, optimises inventory and efficiently balances supply chain performance.

Bank transactions' Import/Export

Automated import and export of banking transactions, posting against unpaid invoices. Accurate and up to date information on payments and debts - advantage and benefit in daily work.


Simple integration with other applications, such as: e-shops, logistics systems, specialised software used inside the company.

Monitoring of the business performance

There are a lot of standard reports in the program: sales analysis, orders and inventory management, debts and over-dues control and much more. Dynamics of the reported data are presented graphically. All reports are presented in Microsoft® Excel - it could be easy processed, saved, sent via e-mail and so on.

Flexible Customisation

Program could be customised according the specific needs of the customer: added additional fields or tables for recording specific data, created customised reports conducting specific calculations company use, automated frequently performed specific actions with the data and much more.


Will help effectively plan company's activities, establish system for monitoring, controlling and action if activities deviates from plan. Revenue and expenses budgeting could be monitored per employee, department and/or project.

Optimum benefits
for financier


Optimum provides possibility to do daily job wherever you wish. You can work in the office, on a business trip, at home - anywhere an Internet connection exist. For extra convenience, use Optimum mobile app.


Software ensures accuracy between general ledger’s records and analytical ones - balance report’s lines always equal to accounts used in analytic modules such like money balances debts, advance payments, costs and depreciation of fixed assets and daily reports.

Automated payroll

Automated filling of the time table and work hours, calculation and payment of the payroll including associated postings and export file generation for banks’ system to process with payment. Such routine monthly job, could be done within 5 minutes including calculation of the taxes if needed.

Bank transactions' Import/Export

Automated import and export of banking transactions, posting against unpaid invoices. Accurate and up to date information on payments and debts - advantage and benefit in daily work.

Cost centres accounting

Analyse PL and account turnovers by employees, departments and projects/activities. It allows to monitor and control business units excluded from wholes company activities, which could make them invisible, because of the “summing all to one”.

Multi currency operations

Initial transactions are recorded in the original currency they where made and corresponding general ledger records are formed automatically according official exchange rates. Exchange rates could be automatically imported from Bank. Gains or loss resulted due the change of the ratio is calculated automatically.

Updating the software

Improvements and changes to meet new requirements or standards of the accounting policies or information technology innovations are constantly implemented in the system. No need to take care of system updates - they downloaded and installed automatically. You can be sure, that all of your computers have latest edition.


If there is a request and permission from the customer received, our consultants may provide support by connecting to user’s PC remotely. Such way enables us respond fast and more in a line with in issue. Of course, phone support remains as an option still.

Simple start up

System could be ready for use in less than hour. Many automated procedures are in place to help user with initial data import from previously used systems or digital files - our assistance is not needed. Nevertheless, if customer has leak of knowledge or time, our customer service is ready to help and provide such additional service at hourly rate.

Why to choose


Work wherever you are


No limits for the data and amount of users


Secure logging of all transactions per user


Flexibly customizable

Multi language, currencies

Use the system in own language and currency


Transparency with charges


Simple integration with other systems


Cloud base solution, developed using modern Microsoft .NET, SQL and Office technologies.

The most important component of the Optimum Software
and main advantage not mentioned in manuals or specifications,
is perseverance for what we do and passion for perfection

Standard modules

General Ledger

Financial analysis and accounting including cost centers - employees, departments and projects


Purchase and sales orders, inventory and stock control, sales, customers and suppliers debts management


Fully automated management of the employees work hours and their payroll including allowances


Asset and equity transactions and depreciation

Mobile app

Mobile app to perform daily tasks on the road


All money transactions including data exchange with banking systems


Organizational structure, departments, employees, projects


Monitor and management of users’ rights, logging of actions done per user with in the system

Specialised modules

e-Shop integration

Standardised automated communication between Optimum and external e-shop solution


Management of the bodyshop and/or workshop including the operations scheduling, real time clocking and parts’ logistic


Utilization of machinery, delivery of raw materials and availability of technicians management. Precise forecasting of time and cost of ready product


Management of the progress in all company’s processes, distribution and execution of tasks, monitoring timing and deviation, documents management


Simple CRM to monitor daily activities and scheduled actions per employee or customer


Daily operations and integration with POS systems


Budgeting the company and comparing with actual results per different cost center

Web Orders (B2B)

Web based module for company’s B2B customers to place order, track it’s status, monitor debt

Our customers

Customers feedback

Virginija Kukarėnė
Virginija Kukarėnė

Managing director, UAB "CO finansai"

"We chose this software for a number of reasons, but primarily, because of price-quality ratio. The system is designed in accordance with strict rules and that's minimise a chance to make a mistake to a very lower. Working with this program is quality based, what we appreciate the most. Particularly acceptable inventory control, what in comparison with other programs an advantage."

Mutasim Bashir Ahmed
Mutasim Bashir Ahmed

CEO, Munif Al Nahdi Group (Mize Dubai)

"Optimum is a real business tool (HR, Operation, Finance), it really exceeded my expectations. Easy and friendly for all levels of staff, fast and low cost installation, regular update. And actual customer support."

Paulius Insoda
Paulius Insoda

Managing director, UAB "NFQ Technologies"

"We particularly liked the technical solution for realisation of Optimum as well as flexibility in it's architecture. Optimum created specific software customisation for our needs and developed reports to meet our requirements."

Talal Khair
Talal Khair

CEO, Dove Global Car Maintenance

"When we start our business in automotive field as a bodyshop and service centers we were seeking for a software that covers our needs in HR, Trading, Accounting and Operations, we found Optimum can handle all of our business needs.
There is an old saying “if you can not measure it, you can not manage it”. Optimum can measure all the operations, gives us KPIs which guides our business to the right direction.
Moreover the swift actions and support we found from Optimum team, is one of the most important aspects, we found them all the time as partners not suppliers."